Specialist stain removal Southend, Essex and London areas


Specialist stain removal services

Spills and accidents can easily happen in your home and easily ruin the look of your carpets, rugs, sofas, dinning chairs and any other upholstery. 

Removing stains isnt as simple as going to the shop and buying a stain removal product - you might be lucky but in most cases the stain stays.

We can’t guaruntee that we can remove every stain as the stain may have dyed the carpet and be grounded in but we can certainly can greatly reduce the stain at the very least in most cases, if not remove.

We now do a specialist cleaning/stain removal service for human waste - decontainimating the area and treating it correctly

What to expect?

With each stain we need to work out the best course of treatment needed and how effective that may be at removing the stain - First we look at the carpet fibre and that determines the success of the stain removal - we test the ph of the area and  test the stain with various products first and then start the process of removing and extracting - although we cant guaruntee the stain to be removed as it depends on the carpet type we can certainly reduce and explain this to you when we come and quote for free.

Suede stain removal also included and all other fabrics