Carpet and upholstery cleaning protection

Protect those carpets & fabrics from spills

Protect those carpets & fabrics from spills

Reasons to protect carpets and upholstery.

Carpet protection/guarding coats your carpet or upholstery with a protective layer  in four different ways. Invest in protection and keep your carpets in the best shape possible - new carpets are expensive

4 Benefits of carpet or upholstery protection

1. Dry Soil damage - Soil is abrasive and will damage carpet fibers, causing faster ware to the carpets which will create a darkened and flat appearance. Carpet protection reduces the amount that penetrates, making it easier for you to hoover it off.

2. Acid dyes - Children’s drinks and other foods are so easily spilt/dropped. The protection drastically reduces the penetration and stops these stains becoming a permenant feature.

3. Liquid Spills - Coffee, tea and fizzy drinks can permanently stain your carpet and its so easy to spill them. Carpet Protection doesnt let these liquids fully penetrate and gives you time to spot clean it off.

4. Other Soils - Tar, grease, oil, tracked in from work boots, driveways, kitchens. Carpet Protection drastically reduces the likelihood of these spots becoming permanent as these contaminents can really be hard to remove once worn into the fibers.

Book your carpet/upholstery clean today with protection. carpets and upholstery do not need to be deeply proffessionally cleaned as often as well - once protection is applied

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